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From the eastern coast of Maine ...

to the "western" coast of Maine

Tom McLaughlin has got it covered.

Tom has been taking pictures ever since he found a red, plastic camera under the Christmas tree when he was ten. He loved it, even the small of flashbulbs. Now in his sixties, he splits his time between Maine's "two coasts" the rocky ocean shore to the east and and the White Mountains, bordering New Hampshire to the west. His camera is always within reach and ready to go.

Each year he tries to travel elsewhere in North America, Europe – his favorite is Ireland – he photographs what he finds to be beautiful. To maintain copyrighted works, the photos shown here on this site are low-resolution versions and may appear slightly blurred as a result. He has used multiple cameras over the years, but most photos where shot with a full-frame, 45-megapixel DSLR.

Tom McLaughlin Photography

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