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Erin Kenneally

eKenneally, painter, musician, photographer, needlepoint artist, mother and life partner, is the force behind The Painted Moose Gallery and loving every minute of it. A natural-born entrepreneur it has been a series of events over the past several years that has lead her to this fun family collaboration with her father and long-time friend Aphrodite.

An artist at heart, Erin's earliest artistic endeavors were as a singer and guitarist. She followed this passion to Skidmore College where she double-majored in Music and Business. However, while there did venture into the art building for at least a few classes and found she had a pretty good knack for the visual arts. After college and a year in NYC in the ad world, she headed to Boston and put her marketing savvy to work for a few national start-ups. Very successful, but not satisfied, she left that world, married and started her family. As a mother of two young children, Erin filled her time with their activities and trying different forms of art until she began designing and selling handmade needlepoint canvases.

It was several years later when her aunt, artist Gay Speirbhain, gave her a series of four small works she had done; they didn't quite fit the wall space Erin had; she needed one more. So she grabbed a canvas and created a fifth painting in a similar style, using a local village market as her subject. “I was surprised by that first painting,” says Erin, “and kind of on a lark, I thought people in town might buy cards of this first subject - Rosie’s Village Market," in Lovell, Maine where she lives. "I had a bunch of them printed was really surprised when they sold out. My career as an artist launched from there. Now, paintbrush in hand, I just try to keep up!” Unabashed whimsy and the celebration of American life are the hallmarks of Erin's work. I have learned to embrace everything that surrounds me … and to express it all with a bit of propriety.” Erin's work, reminiscent of Grandma Moses and other prominent folk artists, is being embraced and collected widely in the art community.

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