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Custom Needlepoint Canvas Design!

I picked up Needlepoint Arts several years ago but found the costs for canvases to stitch to be just crazy! As a result I created my own method for designing/creating canvases on her computer; they lined up beautifully with the 18pt Zweigart Canvas that I used for stitching. The work was so good, that the Needlepoint stores I took them into actually believed I had hand-painted them! This lead me to take my process to online custom designs, which I've been doing for over a decade. 

The process is simple, CONTACT US, with some information about the design you are looking for. I'll will follow up by email to get images from you or other additional details as well as to provide you with a quote. We are certain that you will find that our canvas pricing is significantly less than what is available in stores. 

The images shown are a family home that I did as a gift and the process of starting with a photo, creating the canvas, (which is what I would provide to you to stitch!) and the end result. 


Custom Needlepoint Canvas Design Examples

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