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As a tribute to Rosie & Tommie McKenzie's 20 years of making this the best community gathering spot around, Painted Moose Gallery is offering to make a donation to the Lovell, Maine Girl Scouts based on sales from this collection through the end of May 2021 - promotion has been extended at the request of Rosie!

Cards are available for pick-up/delivery in/around Lovell, ME. Price listed includes postage. Should you arrange for pick-up/delivery we will gladly refund the additional cost; just go ahead and place your order and when arrangements for pick-up/delivery are made we will issue the refund for postage.

$1/card sold and 15% of all other profits from this collection will be donated in their name to the local Girl Scouts. These items are not available for any other discounts during this time and not all items are in stock. (Please note that some items are in-stock and some are sent from our suppliers) Items available for pick-up will be ordered throughout the months of Apr/May and you will be notified when they are available. Thank your for your participation and your patience in ordering these items!! Now please shop away!

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